MarketInvoice at Silicon Milkroundabout

This was the first time we attended Silicon Milkroundabout seriously. And by seriously, I mean we turned up with a drone.

Because it was our first time we were experimenting with a large range of factors to try and see what work and what didn’t. We ended up learning a lot about what really clicked with attendees.
What we learned:


  • For most of the day we had 4 people (occasionally going to 5 during switchover period), 5 was the maximum permitted for a 3×3 size booth. It felt cramped with that number of people but it definitely felt like there was a strong correlation between the number of people representing the company and the number of people you spoke to.


  • Cakes, beer and other freebies had almost no impact (other than making our stand look attractive). People were coming to our stand because they wanted to work for us not because they were enticed by freebies.


  • The cookies did get a few smiles though (thanks to @alexgencheva for the photo we didn’t get around to taking one of our own!)


  • We received around 95 developer CVs with another 60 developers giving us their details either via our tablet app or by giving us a business card. Post-event we realised that it was much harder to process candidates where we just had a name/email so next time we’re going to look at ways of getting more details from candidates without making the process too cumbersome for candidates.


  • The first and last hour of the event were quieter but for most of the day we found ourselves talking non-stop with a steady queue of candidates wanting to talk to us. Our plan to use our branded drone to attract people to our stand during quiet periods turned out to be mostly unnecessary.


  • Part of our company ethos both externally with users and internally within the team is transparency and we decided to experiment with extending that transparency by disclosing salary bands for the engineering roles. We seemed to be the only company at #SMR10 which openly displayed salary information and that definitely seemed to have an impact, attendees were pulling friends over to our stand and discussing the fact we were so open.


  • Growth of the company was one of the key factors that excited candidates. Candidates eyes glazed over when we were talking about how we’d hit our £500m in transactions milestone, but lit up when we said we’re going from 70 employees today to more than double that in the next year. Those were numbers people could relate with. Everyone wants to get on-board a rocket ship.


  • The fact that we were running a tube ad campaign at the same time also helped reinforce the story of success and growth. Many attendees mentioned seeing our ads or even tweeted us pictures on the way home from Silicon Milkroundabout (like this one from @pudding_017)



Overall we had a great experience at Silicon Milkroundabout, we’re still working through the massive number of candidates we had approach us, and the total number of hires that result from the event will probably decide whether we’re back next time but the initial signs are definitely positive!

We’re hiring across every part of our company so whether you work in recruitment, marketing, sales, data science or tech do reach out to us if you want to become part of the MarketInvoice story.

You can see the roles we’re actively hiring for at but we’re always on the market for talented people so do send us your CV if the exact role you want isn’t one we’re advertising for!