How to negotiate: The '10 Commandments'

POSTED BY Laura Green DATE: 20 November 2014

Negotiation has become an art in its own right, gone are the negative connotations of the sales conman. Secretive and underhand tactics have been declared a thing of the past and, in their place, the skill set required to understand and deliver the needs of your clients has never been more vital.

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We partner with KashFlow!

POSTED BY Piers Garthwaite DATE: 19 November 2014

We're proud to announce a new partnership between MarketInvoice and award-winning accounting software KashFlow. 

KashFlow is easy-to-use, feature-packed cloud accounting software specifically designed for small business owners. We're big fans of KashFlow's innovative tech-based solution for bookkeeping and accounting; it's been making the lives of business owners and managers easier since 2005. Their software makes creating invoices, reconciling bank transactions and getting paid a hassle-free process. And we like hassle-free. 

Through this partnership, businesses can get finance directly through their accounting software, making access to finance quickier and easier at a time when 52% of small businesses say that the availability of credit is "poor" or "very poor" and around half say that credit is unaffordable (according to the Federation of Small Business). 

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Industry insights: Catch up on the big stories

POSTED BY Piers Garthwaite DATE: 18 November 2014


The week’s hottest news stories in the sector are in and here is our summary of all you need to know in the world of finance, funding and business.

Our list is designed as a quick run-down of all the important relevant news, together with links to the source so you can read more if you want to. You can now sign up to receive these regular summary updates by signing up on our Industry Insight page.

This week there is more news is about the banks with new fines and rules, the Government takes a step towards tackling payday loans and a new report on small businesses is released.


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Thoughts from the CEO: Financial services in the digital age

POSTED BY Anil Stocker DATE: 17 November 2014


Over the last twenty years a great number of major international industries have been turned upside down by technology.

Old, entrenched market leaders have been replaced by new models, from travel with the fall of agents; to music with the rise of downloads; to retail with new online monoliths Amazon and eBay. The same transformation is now happening in financial services, and crowd funding and peer-to-peer lending are at the centre of this transformation. 

Peer-to-peer lending is about taking out the middle man from the act of borrowing or investing money, so your money doesn’t get frittered away on servicing expensive branch networks that only a small minority continue to use, or on paying fines to the regulator, or on large-scale advertising campaigns. The benefits therefore are simple: borrowers get a better rate and service than they can elsewhere, and investors get a good return on their money.


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Review: 'Understanding your business finances', Johnny Martin

POSTED BY Piers Garthwaite DATE: 13 November 2014

We are big fans of Johnny Martin. He came into the office a while ago and did some training with the team on some of the finer points of business finance and accounting - we found it really useful. He does some great monthly workshops at the British Library, too.

We heard he had written a book recently and so decided to pick it up and review it. Johnny has extensive experience on all sides of business, as an owner, financial director and investor, so he knows his stuff! 


Why read 'Understanding your business finances'?

Starting a business is a daunting affair. You might have the best idea or product but if you don’t know what all the numbers and jargon mean, you might not get off the ground.

From business models, to types of reporting, financing a business and day-to-day accounting, Johnny gives good coverage of the basics that will help you on your journey as a business owner.

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